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7 Ways to Fix Comcast Email Not Sending
10 months ago

If you are going through a Comcast email issue then let you know that you aren’t alone in it. Many users have complained of similar problems arising by Comcast; therefore, we are here with the article that provides you with the best solution on how to fix Comcast email not sending issues.


Steps on how to fix Comcast email not sending issue


Insufficient Storage

If your account doesn’t have enough space to allow the import and export of new mails then Comcast won’t send any new mails. Make sufficient space for your email by clearing junk and unnecessary mails.


Update your email 

If you are still working with an outdated version of Comcast email, then you might find difficulty in some features including sending emails. Therefore it’s better to update your email timely.


Internet Connection

While accessing or sending emails from the Comcast email server make sure you are connected with a proper and stable working internet connection.


Restart your device 

Restarting is the most simple and useful troubleshooting method that could fix the Comcast email not sending issue.


Delete the account 

If none of the above methods is working then delete your email account from the device and try to create another one. 


Blocked contacts

In case the sender or the receiver is blocked by you or you are blocked by them, then also it would create a bar in sending mails.


IP address

Comcast only support residential IP address or the dynamic IP address, therefore, make sure you only use smtp.comcast.net while sending procedure.


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