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8 Best ways to Fix Gmail Won’t Attach file error
over 1 year ago

Gmail is a widely used email service platform. Tons of emails are sent and received daily on Gmail. But sometimes users do face some issues related to Gmail via sending or receiving email. One of the common errors is the Problem attaching files in Gmail.

This is one of the common errors seen in Gmail and if you are also going through the issue of Gmail attachment not working issue, then this article consists of 8 best ways to fix Gmail won’t attach file error.


  • Update Gmail: - Keep your Gmail updated timely and avoid using an outdated version.


    1. Gmail limit: - Gmail supports total file extension up to 25MB, try to keep it under the limit.
    2. Incognito mode: - if your Gmail is not working on a normal browser then try to go incognito.


  • Gmail Mobile app: - Browser Gmail usually provides a beta version of Gmail, to avoid this try the updated version Gmail app.
  • Clear cache and cookies: - Cache and cookies clearing reload the page killing all the obstacles created by bugs and others.
  • Insufficient storage: - Make sure your Gmail has enough storage for the arrival and departure of new emails, if not then delete unnecessary emails lying in your junk mailbox.
  • Check for corrupt files: - Sometimes attached files are corrupt due to which they don’t open, in such cases ask the sender to send the proper and correct file again.
  • Uninstall the Gmail app: - Uninstalling Gmail app and reinstalling are one of the simplest and effective methods to fix Gmail attachment not working issue.



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