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Fix Care Code 205.4 in SBCGlobal Email
over 1 year ago

Today’s generation seeks for the quality and the features available in any of the product or services. Only if these qualities are good enough in a product or service, will they consistently use it. 


Similarly SBCGlobal email is also preferred by more users because of the quality of service they render. After the merging that took place with the yahoo mail server, there arose SBCGlobal.net email issues. Are you facing such kinds of issues? Leave the worries, let’s fix this error together. 


Error code:- What does that Mean?

So when you use AT&T or SBCGlobal email, ATT Care Code 205.4 will appear on your screen. What does this mean? This means that the mail servers like AT&T and SBCglobal email cannot recognize your email address or your password. This is the reason for you to receive such kind of error codes. 


Solution to Fix this Error:


When you enter the correct password and email address repeatedly, for security reasons your account will be locked. So to prevent it, let's try to reset our password. 


Step 1:

Open your browser and type this in your address bar. att.com/acctmgmt/fpwd/lander and tap the enter. 


Step 2:

Type your user ID and name in the required box and click on continue.


Step 3: 

This is the account verification page; you can recover using the email address or registered phone number or answering any security question that you have set earlier.


Step 4:

Then follow the on-screen instruction to recover your email account back. 


Getting ATT Care Code 205.4 can be fixed by following the above mentioned solution. 

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