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Fix Unknown USB Device, Error on Windows 10
over 1 year ago

Whenever you insert a USB into your laptop or PC, the USB device descriptor in your device will help the device to recognize the USB device that is connected. So at times, when your devices’ USB\Device_Descriptor_Failure occurs, then at that time when you insert any USB you will get an error message saying that the request for device descriptor failed. 

Causes for the unknown USB Device Error:

  1. While configuring the settings for your PC’s USB driver, you would have made some mistakes. 
  2. When replacing some parts of your device, there are some errors or mistakes. 
  3. The USB port is broken partially or completely. Any damage in the USB can affect its function as a whole. 
  4. USB devices are damaged or corrupted or infected with any sort of malwares. 
  5. If you had updated any of the latest software on your device, there might be corruption or errors. 
  6. Another main reason for the cause is when your USB driver is outdated, you will find such errors. 

How to Fix this Error?

So if you encounter an Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) Touch Screen, then you could do the following steps to fix these issues. 

Basic Method to Fix this Issue:

Following any of these basic troubleshooting can do wonders while fixing the error. 

  • The first thing that you have to do when you realize that there is an issue is reboot your device and check if it solves the issue. 
  • Try to plug in your USB device into a different port to see if it resolves. After doing this, if this issue is fixed that means there is an error or damage in the USB port. 
  • To identify where the actual error is you can insert the USB device into a different computer. This will help you to get a clarity over the real error. 

Scan PC for any Hardware Changes:

Step 1: Plug your USB device into your PC and then press windows key + X and choose the device manager. 


Step 2: Now in the device manager, hit on the action tab and choose to scan for hardware changes from the list. 

Wait a little more time and see if this can resolve any issues in your device. 


Reinstall USB Driver: 

A Request For the USB Device Descriptor Failed can be most probably fixed by reinstalling the USB driver. 

Step 1: Press Windows key + X and then select on the device manager. 


Step 2: Then click on the universal serial bus controllers section and right click on the unknown USB device (device descriptor request failed). Finally select the uninstall device option and once the uninstalling process gets completed, you can reinstall and see the issue being solved successfully. 

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