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How To Setup My Rackspace On Email Clients?
6 months ago

Rackspace is one of those few famous email services that assures security and compatibility with the outlook email client. We can easily access this email through various platforms such as android , windows, mac, it currently used IMAP and POP3 configuration settings and there are many features that rackspace email settings provide such as :-

  • You can easily access your emails from anywhere as this is a web-based server
  • It is famous for its instant messaging feature.
  • If by any chance you forget your password then it can be easily recovered through SMS based protocol.
  • It provides its users to attach drop-box files to emails 
  • It even provides an option to "undelete " your emails.

Troubleshooting steps for Rackspace email:-

  • Access the control panel window on your computer.
  • Search for the mail option then click on it.
  • On the mail setup dialog box click on the show profile button.
  • Click on add page button on the profile list page.
  • Enter your profile name in the given field then press the okay button.
  • Now select the manual setup option on the add account dialog box.
  • Choose the IMAP or POP option, Select one of these.
  • Type the required information in their respective fields.
  • Save the data then click on more setting option .
  • Choose the advanced tab on the email setting dialogue box.
  • Now carefully enter port number for IMAP and SMTP and click on OK.
  • Locate and Click on test account settings.
  • Check if IMAP and send email message is complete, if yes click on the close button.
  • Open profile list page and click on the always to use this profile option .
  • Click on newly created profile.
  • Now the Rackspace mail settings will be successfully configured in your outlook application.

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