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How to Add and Setup AT&T Email on iPhone?
over 2 years ago


Yahoo email administration has now been overtaken by AT&T, so the yahoo email users are now migrated to AT&T domain such as @bellsouth.net, @att.net and @sbcglobal.net, etc. All of these domains are under AT&T . As all the yahoo users had to migrate to AT&T due to collaboration and migration that occurred in 2013 , so the users had to configure their ATT mail settings.

ATT.net email settings for iPhone

  • Choose IMAP server
  • Incoming server should be imap.mai.att.net
  • Incoming port 993
  • SSL should always be used
  • Outgoing server should be used smtp.mail.att.net
  • 465 should be used as outgoing port.

ATT imap settings for iPhone

  •  Visit the settings option.
  • Click on ‘passwords & account’ and select ‘add account’
  • Click on ‘others’ option if at&t option not available
  • Click on add mail and provide the required information.
  • Click on IMAP and fill out the IMAP settings that have been provided above.
  • Click next
  • Click on save
  • Server port should be 993 for outgoing server
  • Find outgoing server and use server port 465.
  • Click on done and restart your iPhone.

 Your account is all configured now on your iPhone, if you are still facing any problem then you should contact the service provider by using AT&T support platform. Make sure you don’t miss out on any information and you give this blog a good read.

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