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How to Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Not Showing on Windows 10?
10 months ago

NVIDIA is a Microsoft feature that provides users graphic enhancement, with the benefit of customizing plenty of options to make it an optimized experience.  

However, lately, users have been facing some issues with the NVIDIA Control Panel not showing on window 10. There are few reasons why NVIDIA is missing; some of them are listed below

  • Window 10 update: - if you haven’t upgraded your window recently does it now as its outdated version won’t support graphics and other customization.
  • Driver issue:- a corrupted or not-compatible driver can cause breakage to the control panel of the graphics card
  • Bugs: - Bugs encounter can create a bar in the process of NVIDIA

If you are also going through the issue of the NVIDIA control panel not opening then, we have got you the perfect solution to your problem.

Below are few steps on how you can fix NVIDIA Control Panel Not Showing on Windows 10.


  1. Download NVIDIA control panel
  2.  Restart your NVIDIA control services.
  3. Update the Graphics Card Drivers
  4. Disable the Graphics Card in Device Manage available onboard
  5. Try to open the NVIDIA Control Panel manually.
  6. Update your NVIDIA display driver.

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