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How to Install Microsoft Office?
3 months ago

Microsoft Office Software includes many useful applications like Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and many more other applications. This article will teach you how to download Microsoft Office on Windows.


Steps to Install MS Office on Windows:- 


Step 1. Open the Office page of your account. Click on http://www.office.com/my account/. An Office purchase page will open.


Step 2. Tap on “Install > This button is orange in colour and is present just below the subscription’s name.


Step 3. Again select “Install” option. Clicking on the Install option will begin the download of your Office setup file.


Step 4. Now, double- tap on the “Office setup file”. You can look for the Office setup file in the default download location of your Computer.


Step 5. A bar will prompt up. Tap on the “Yes” option. After you click on “Yes”, the setup file will be operated and the Microsoft Office will begin downloading on your computer.


Step 6. You have to wait while the Microsoft Office is Installing. It might take some time to finish up the installing.


Step 7. Tap on “Close” when the bar is prompted. Microsoft Office is now successfully installed on your device.


Now, when you know how to install Microsoft Office, you can easily install MS Office on any device.


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