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NGL Meaning What Does NGL Mean?
6 months ago

"NGL" is a popular acronym. It was first used in the 1990s to mean "not gonna lie." It was added to the Urban Dictionary in 2009 and quickly rose up Google Trends. It's currently at its highest popularity on Google and has become a popular meme on social media. The phrase "they had us in the first half, not gonna lie" was started by a teen named Apollos Hester.


"NGL" is an abbreviation for not going to lie. The expression was first used around 2009, and it's now part of the Urban Dictionary. It's closely related to the word "LOL." LOL stands for "laugh out loud," which is also a common acronym. Although NGL is a modern word, its origins are old. The word is said as a joke, but it's still popular.


When used in a sentence, "NGL Meaning in Chat'' means not gonna lie. However, it's not a swear word. Instead, it's a slang expression. As such, you should use it with caution in social settings. And, of course, only with people you feel comfortable with. To remember what it means, you can use it in a sentence. The first time you use it in a sentence, say it out loud.


If you've ever heard the phrase "NGL", you're probably familiar with the meaning. It stands for not gonna lie. In fact, it means not to lie. The first one is the most common, but the other is the best. It means "not gonna lie" in context, but it can also mean "not to lie." You're not saying that you're lying.


You've probably heard the term "NGL" on Reddit and Twitter. It means "not gonna lie" and is a colloquial expression. It also stands for "to be honest." In some contexts, it can mean "to tell the truth". A true NGL is an acronym that makes people say "not gonna lie" in the context of the phrase. But you might be a little confused as to what it means.


NGL Meaning in Text "not going to lie." It is used to convey insecurity and honesty. While the phrase is used to say "not going to lie," the tone can also be used to insult or flatter people. It can be an adverb that is used in a professional setting, but it is also frequently used for a general purpose. When it's used in conversation, it is often accompanied by the phrase, "Not going to lie."


The acronym NGL stands for "not going to lie." It is a way to express genuineness, which is important in certain situations. The tone of the phrase is important because it can offend people and make them feel uncomfortable. It can also be used as a way to flatter someone. The word NGL is often associated with a sarcastic joke. Whether you're using it to make fun of a friend, tell them the truth.




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